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Living More Fully and Effectively

Are you interested in one or more of the following?

  • Taking more responsibility for your life direction
  • Developing your leadership in work and in life
  • Thinking and responding in new ways
  • Growing more self
  • Looking for strengths and using your resources
  • Learning about family of origin work
  • Using a genogram (family diagram) as a resource
  • Working on self-definition and connection with others
  • Watching the process and letting things evolve
  • Experiencing the challenges and surprises of life

If so, coaching may be an option for you

Learning from Life – The Importance of Coaching

From my experience, learning to see and to respond in more life giving ways does not happen by only reading books or attending one workshop. The learning comes from becoming a better observer and becoming more thoughtful in family and work relationships. And, it is truly a life-long project. Yet, with practice one can begin to think in new ways and to live with more intention. As this work can be both rewarding and difficult, I find that enlisting a coach or joining a coaching group can offer guidance as new behaviors are explored and new discoveries unfold. I consider the coaching process to be an invaluable resource for the systems journey.

Contact me for details.

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