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About Carla

Carla Toenniessen, LMFT, is a family systems coach, educator and practitioner who explores ways that Bowen Family Systems Theory can be applied to living more fully and effectively. She considers the theory to be an important resource for growth, leadership and for facing life’s challenges.

Carla received an M.S. Degree in Family and Child Development from Virginia Tech in 1988 where she was introduced to systems thinking and family of origin work. For 31 years she worked as an educator and counselor in public schools. Carla is on the faculty of the Leadership in Ministry/Leadership in Organizations Workshops which offers continuing education in family systems to leaders such as clergy, educators and health care professionals.

“Carla is one of those rare individuals who listens and challenges. With her training in family systems she facilitates growth because she sees the whole picture rather than just a small piece of the presenting problem.”

Michele Andersen
Colleague and Mentee

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